Serving Our Sentinels
strives to assist veterans of all ages and from all eras in their efforts to become productive members of their communities as they transition back to civilian life.

We are a local charitable organization, which receives donations locally through fundraisers and word of mouth. We use our funding to help local veterans who have fallen through the cracks, or just fallen on unexpected hard times.

We've assisted those who have served our country from WWII through the current difficulties in the Persian Gulf and beyond. Our team consists of individuals with hearts full of respect for our Military; many of our team have served, or are part of a Military Family.

Our goal is to raise awareness of the sacrifices these heroes have made, and to motivate local communities to rally behind them as they work to reach their potential. Serving Our Sentinels offers guidance, resources, support and proactive mentoring to returning veterans. These young men and women have risked all and sacrificed much for our freedoms.

We appreciate and honor the service and sacrifice of these sentinels.