Striving to Repay Our Veterans for Their Sacrifices

Many veterans today have served multiple tours overseas. Older veterans served, returning to different times in America.  All Veterans have put on the uniform of military service, vowing to defend this country.  They may or may not have seen battle, but they committed to service on behalf of our nation. SOS is committed to serving these Sentinels and their families.

There are many organizations out there willing to help in a variety of ways.  The challenge for military members, veterans and their families is wading through the maze to find help for their particular need. It's difficult for anyone to ask for help, so discouragement comes quickly when making phone call after phone call.

Serving Our Sentinels is a part of a community referral network of organizations providing services to veterans, including those at the VA.  Because of this, during 2018, we were able to help over 30 families and in addition helped raise funds for four other veterans organizations.  If we don't have the resources to help with a particular problem, we can refer you to an organization that can.  Everyone can make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. 


If you know of a veteran needing assistance, please recommend
that he or she contact Serving Our Sentinels.